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2005 First Publication
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September 12, 2006 - Midcontinent Oil & Gas Expo and Prospect Fair, Highland Hotel and Convention Center Great Bend, Kansas

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Fracture and Karst Features Affecting Reservoir Performance in a Mississippian Reservoir, Cheyenne County, Colorado by Natalie B. Givens, University of Kansas, Kansas Geological Survey, Susan E. Nissen, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas Open-file Report 2006-14

Integrated Subsurface Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Natural Gas Recovery Using Cement Kiln Emissions, Wilson County, Kansas by Stephen G. Schurger1, K. David Newell1,James G. Blencoe2 and Timothy R. Carr1 Open-file Report 2006-13 1Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66044
2Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Oak Ridge, TN 37831

Carbonate Lithofacies Prediction Using Neural Network and Geostatistical 3D Modeling of Oolite Shoals, St. Louis Limestone, Southwest Kansas by Qi Lianshuang1,2,3, Timothy R. Carr1, and Robert H. Goldstein3 Open-file Report 2006-04 1Kansas Geological Survey, 2Chevron Energy Technology Company, San Ramon, CA, 3Department of Geology, University of Kansas

New Reports

Evaluating Structural Controls and their Role in Forecasting Properties of Phanerozoic Rocks in the Northern Midcontinent, U.S.A. - Ancient Examples and Modern Analogs by W. Lynn Watney, Evan K. Franseen, Alan P. Byrnes, Susan E. Nissen Kansas Geological Survey and Sihuang Xu, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Resources, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, PRC Open-file Report 2006-19

Core Description of the Forest City, LLC., Hopp 1-16, Doniphan County, Kansas by W. Matthew Brown

Core Description of the KGS Deffenbaugh Quarry 2, Johnson County, Kansas by W. Matthew Brown

Fiscal Year 2005 Kansas Oil & Gas Production by Operator by Timothy R. Carr

Type Log Showing Stratigraphic Horizons for Russell County, Kansas by Benjamin J. Rocke

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