About PTTC

The Regional Lead Organization for the North Midcontinent PTTC operates through the Kansas University Energy Research Center with support from the Kansas Geological Survey and the Tertiary Oil Recovery Project.

Address: C/O Energy Research Center
University Of Kansas
1930 Constant Avenue
Lawrence, Kansas 66047-3724
Ph: (785) 864-7398 Fax: (785) 864-7399

Project Manager:Rodney Reynolds
Producer Advisory Group Chairman: Mark A. Shreve Mull Drilling Co.

Mission Statement:

PTTC benefits the nation by helping U.S. independent oil and natural gas producers make timely, informed technology decisions.

The Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) was formed in 1994 by the U.S. oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry to identify and transfer upstream technologies to domestic producers. PTTC's technology programs help producers reduce costs, improve operating efficiency, increase ultimate recovery, enhance environmental compliance, and add new reserves. PTTC is an industry-directed, regionally-focused not-for-profit organization with programs that meet the technology needs of its primary customers—independent producers. Independents face technology decisions every day, such as whether to address an opportunity or problem with technology, what solution to use, whether it is cost effective, and how to use it. In serving as the independent producer’s “Bridge to Solutions,” PTTC fulfills three roles:

  • First, it helps identify and clarify producers' problems and makes them aware of technology opportunities.
  • Second, it educates producers about technology options.
  • Third, it connects producers to these solutions.

Through its 10 regions, PTTC offers expert assistance, information resources, inter-disciplinary referrals, and demonstrations of E&P software. Technology workshops, currently well above 100 per year, cover the full spectrum of PTTC’s five program lines: (1) exploration, (2) drilling and completion, (3) development and reservoir, (4) operations and production, and (5) environmental issues. National and regional newsletters provide technology alerts, case studies, and other information. Databases and other important local information are available in each region.

Although PTTC does not perform or fund research and development (R&D) projects, it identifies producers' technical problems and communicates them to the R&D community. PTTC also provides valuable services to another important market segment - technology solution providers - by making them more aware of the needs of independent oil and gas producers. This group includes service and supply companies, vendors, technical consultants, government R&D programs, national labs, academia, professional societies, and others. Serving as a technology intermediary, PTTC delivers value to both groups: (1) Solution providers benefit when PTTC educates producers about their technologies and how to access them. (2) Producers benefit when PTTC helps solution providers understand the technical problems of independents.

URL: http://www.nmcpttc.org/aboutPTTC.html
Updated June 2006
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