Tech Inquiry

PTTC fulfills its mission of helping industry make timely, informed technology decisions by helping identify and understand producers problems, educating them about technology solutions options and providing connections to appropriate technology providers or experts. In doing this, one key service that PTTC provides is responding to technology inquiries.

Through its network of contacts, both nationally and regionally, PTTC strives to make timely, informed, on-target responses to inquiries. In offering this service, PTTC asks only that (1) inquiries be limited to domestic US upstream (exploration and production) technologies and (2) that inquirers consult readily available, widely known information sources before making an inquiry.

In offering this service, PTTC’s intent is not to provide free consulting--rather, we are an information resource. For some inquiries that require significant time to address, PTTC’s response might be to outline additional work or research that needs to be performed and to provide referrals to appropriate consultants/service providers.

Yes, I would like to place a technology inquiry to PTTC.

Note: In posting your inquiry, please provide as much detail as possible about the nature of the problem or opportunity, and be specific about what you are looking for. Please provide full contact information (name, address, phone, fax, email), as we often need to contact inquirers during the process of developing an appropriate response.

No specific application of products or services is endorsed or recommended by PTTC. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure the reliability of sources for information that PTTC disseminates, but individuals and institutions are solely responsible for the consequences of its use.

Updated June 2006
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